Kanye West Turns Paparazzi Shots Of Kim Kardashian Into Promos For His New Clothing Line

Smart, Yeezy. Very smart

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One of the most photographed and talked-about couples on this neon-lit husk of rock, dirt and water, Kanye West created a cunning ploy to showcase his latest YEEZY Season 6 clothing line: getting the paparazzi to inadvertently shoot his wife wearing the whole thing for absolutely nothing.

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Having chosen to to pull out of New York Fashion Week back in September, West's promotion for his latest range of minimalist, military-inspired clothing consisted of getting his spouse, a certain Kim Kardashian, to walk around in public wearing different looks from the collection, before using the inevitable paparazzi shots as the basis for the season's lookbook.

Whether it's a wry and self-referential jab at the rampant celebrity culture that has defined his and his wife's very public lives - or he's just a bit hard up for cash, you've got to admit that this is a pretty smart and subversive move from Mr. West.

Err, have you heard of a little trend called UGLY TRAINERS, Adam?