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Burberry Knightsbridge Menswear

Burberry has opened their first menswear store in the UK, in the heart of Knightsbridge.

They’ve long been a go-to brand for sleek, heritage-inspired British clothing, so it makes sense that Burberry has opened a dedicated menswear site, in the design tradition of their recent Regent Street flagship store.

It's Burberry's third menswear store, following openings in Amsterdam and Milan. What's more, the launch of Burberry Knightsbridge Menswear also coincides neatly with the launch of Burberry Tailoring, a service that offers customers a range of suits tailored to their specifications within 48 hours, providing an ideal mid-point between off-the-peg and bespoke.

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The meticulously designed store  is open for business now - an ideal way to begin your weekend in style.

16-18 Brompton Road, 

16-18 Brompton Road,