Calvin Harris is a real live wire

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We were beginning to suspect that pat-a-cake might be the new footsie after Pixie Lott's video for "Mama Do" (skip to around 2 mins 18 secs). Now dance music darling Calvin Harris confirms it, with his "all in the name of science" demonstration of the human synthesiser - which apparently works far more effectively if the "components" are wearing bikinis.

Harris puts The Humanthesizer to good use by performing a rousing rendition of his new single, piano-house-homage-extraordinaire, "Ready For The Weekend". However, his scientific explanation of exactly how a bevvy of near-naked women smeared in special conductive paint can make music is a tad sketchy. 

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Our sources inform us that the ink was developed by four industrial design and engineering students from the Royal College of Art. It allows the dancers to conduct a current - without getting frazzled - by standing on special pads which connect to an Arduino Mega, using graphical audio programming tool Max MSP, all of which combine to make a giant MIDI controller (no, us neither).  

Naturally, we're investigating getting one installed in the office. Stay tuned.

Calvin Harris's new album, Ready For The Floor, is out on 17 August on Columbia Records.