Speed demon

It being June already, Apple has made its now annual unveiling of a new iPhone, and this third iteration of the button-phobic device has plenty to brag about. First and foremost, the iPhone 3GS (FYI, the "S" stands for "Speed") offers greatly improved 7.2 Mbps internet, meaning noticeably quicker web browsing.

The boffins at Cupertino have also, finally, made provision for picture messaging (OMG, LOL!) and video capture/editing, while the once pathetic camera has been beefed up to a more acceptable 3MP sensor - even if it does still lack a flash. There is also a voice-activated command function, the ability to cut and paste text, and longer battery life, not to mention a cute but pointless digital compass. On the flipside, O2 customers have already learned there will be no loyalty incentives in place for upgrading to the new handset, meaning this - for the time being - is definitely one for first-time buyers. On sale from 19 June. Price varies with contract.

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