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It's so hot. Flip flops: are they acceptable yet?
Nick (via Twitter)

It’s week 3 of the heatwave and, to be honest, we’re feeling a little blasé about these temperatures.
So our thoughts (well…mine) are turning to alternative methods of amusement this weekend. I’ve barbequed in the garden; taken a picnic hamper to the park; been to tennis and polo tournaments; and music festivals? Tick. So, in the interests of diversity, how about a light morning ramble or indeed a full-on hike across a nearby mountain range?
Now, there’s a reason for this line of thought so bear with me. Esquire was shooting in the highlands of Scotland last week (with cameras, not guns) and our reconnaissance day – finding the right locations for the shoot  – meant a thorough exploration of the rugged terrain near our hunting lodge accommodation. To my amazement, the photographer’s male assistant attempted to scale bracken and heather covered cliffs and moss-covered riverbank rocks in a skimpy pair of rubber flip flops. (And in a completely unrelated incident at Ibiza airport on Monday, actor Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted wearing a semi-formal jacket, long shorts and leather weekender holdall combo with...shock, horror….rubber flip flops. But that’s another story.)
So, what’s my point, I hear you cry? Location appropriate footwear, that’s what. If you fancy a long walk this weekend, don’t wear flip flops – silly, impractical, dangerous and what’s more they’ll play havoc with your mani-pedi. Instead, let me tell what the other team members were wearing to traverse the River Findhorn.
The producer wore a stout and sturdy pair of Head walking boots. Result: feet fully protected. I wore a pair of Rockport ankle boots (made from Adiprene by Adidas) which were lightweight, shock absorbent and waterproofed with Hydro-Shield technology. Result: feet dry and protected.
And the photographer? Not only did he scamper easily across cliffs, rocks and mountains for 3 days solid, he even managed to shame us all by catching an 8lb wild salmon at 5am the morning of departure. And on his feet? A pair of Meindl trekking boots which used air-active technology for shock absorption and ventilation, vacuum foam padding for precise adjustment to the feet plus multi-grip Vibram soles  – all double stitched for strength with stretch collars around the ankle to prevent rock, sand, ice or water from entering the boot.
Manufactured in Germany, they seem to be the BMW of the walking boot world. Worthy of your consideration.
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