10 Celebrity Buzzcuts That Will Inspire You To Chop Off Your Hair

It's time to shave your head

One of the easiest ways to look (and feel) cool is to get rid of that insulation piled atop your head. That's right—we're talking about shoring your precious locks and going all in on a buzzcut. For a lot of guys, a buzzcut not only makes for a low maintenance hair style, it also looks pretty damn good. And these famous shorn men are the proof. If you're thinking about adopting the ultimate 'do, here are 10 ways to do it.

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Ewan McGregor

Pretty much the standard all-over 1-cut (1 being the setting on the trimmer guard). It's the easiest to do as it doesn't require any fading. Just make sure you have a good head shape and no crazy scars, as there's nowhere to hide under this buzzcut. It also won't hurt to put the Trainspotting soundtrack on a permanent loop on your Spotify either.

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David Oyelowo

Just a small bit of length on top with a fade down to the skin is perfect for guys who want a buzzcut that isn't as extreme as the 1-cut. The only downside is, you'll be back at the barber shop on a bi-weekly basis. 

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Jaden Smith

A bleached, colored, or lightened buzzcut is one to try only if you're feeling fairly adventurous, and have the style to match. This isn't your banker's buzzcut. But if you're confident enough to rock 4 grill like Jaden does, knock yourself out. 

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Jason Statham

For the guy who's already lost some hair on top, why not steer into the skid and shave it all off? It'll be worth it if you look even 1/4 the badass of Jason Statham. 

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John Legend

Another faded buzzcut, but less extreme than the one above. This is a good one for guys with really curly hair—not so good, however, for guys with straight hair. 

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Justin Timberlake

On a lot of guys, this sharp fade will make you look like you just enlisted. But if you have the right vibe to keep out of military country—like Mr. Timberlake here—it can be a pretty sharp look. 

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Nick Jonas

If you don't want any skin showing, it's definitely okay to go for the slightly longer buzzcut. Just make sure your barber trims things up on the sides and bottom so that it doesn't look you've let your 1-cut go wild. 

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Nick Wooster

If you're of the silver fox variety, the buzzcut is a serious style move. Just a nice dusting of silver up top is almost like head bling. 

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Oscar Isaac

This is borderline not a buzzcut, as it's long enough up top to kind of comb over. But for the buzzcut commitment-phobe it's the perfect compromise, since it looks pretty damn sharp. 

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Pharrell Williams

Basically the 1-cut only with a bit more landscaping along the hair line. A solid move if your overall look is more of the street style variety. 

From: Esquire