Twitter Tore Into This Girl's Sexy Selfie For A Very Hilarious Reason

She looks great! Her room, on the other hand...

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When Twitter user Alyssa from New Orleans decided to post her going out selfie, she probably expected a few people to be all, "Oooh! Sexy!" and "Have fun, girl!!" but in response, the internet went HAM on the state of affairs in her bedroom.

Here's her original selfie:

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The internet was quick to jump on the state of her room because it's the internet and also, well, look at that damn room! Waldo wouldn't stand a chance!

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And then the responses got more... creative.


This person found what is maybe a rat?

A Friends reference is always welcome:

And ahhh. A sigh of relief. It's finally been fixed! Now I'll be able to sleep at night.

From: Cosmopolitan