Woman we love - Katrina Bowden

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Katrina Bowden is the improbably attractive 23-year-old from New Jersey who captured hearts and minds (and other areas) as Cerie, the adorable but vacant assistant in 30 Rock, Tina Fey’s brilliant sitcom about a Saturday Night Live-style comedy show.

“She barely wears anything!” says Bowden, explaining Cerie’s classic ditsy blonde allure. “But she doesn’t know she’s provocative. She’s totally oblivious.”

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In April 2011, readers of the American edition of Esquire very sensibly voted Bowden the Sexiest Woman Alive (see the video below). No doubt as a result of this, Hollywood has come calling, and Bowden will soon be gracing cinema screens - in three glorious dimensions.

She is currently filming the thriller Nurse 3-D, alongside the never knowingly overdressed Paz de la Huerta, of Boardwalk Empire notoriety. But before that comes the sequel to Piranha 3D, the magnificently titled Piranha 3DD.

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“I play a girl named Shelby,” says Bowden. “She’s sweet and innocent.” Unlike the fish. “This time the piranhas have gotten into a water park! It’s cheesy, but really fun!”

What else can we expect? “Well, a guy gets his face bitten off, that’s pretty cool!” A pause. “Oh yeah, and bathing suits! Lots of bathing suits!”

Piranha 3DD is out now

Photo by NBCUPHOTOBANK / Rex Features