Brie Larson Looks Incredible At The Premiere Of 'Kong: Skull Island'

Tom Hiddleston's suit isn't bad either

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A reboot of a reboot about a giant monkey wreaking havoc on Tom Hiddleston and his pals, Kong: Skull Island wouldn't typically be on our culture radar, but Brie Larson's appearance at last night's premiere might just be a game-changer.

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Stepping out onto the hallowed Cineworld red carpet last night (don't say London isn't glamorous), the former Best Actress Oscar winner was the one in the spotlight, which is saying a fair bit when you're sharing it with Samuel L. Jackson wearing whatever the hell he wants and Tom Hiddleston in flawless Gucci.

Hitting UK cinemas 10 March, if you're into giant monkeys and Tom Hiddleston trying to be an SAS soldier, then this your film.