Azealia Banks Shows Everyone Her Bum At Paris Fashion Week

More bizarre celebrity nudity from Paris

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Following Nicki Minaj's inexplicable 'one breast out' front row appearance, fellow rapper Azealia Banks has shown up at the same prestigious week of high fashion with her own unusual take on partial nudity: by getting her bum out.

Why? We're not entirely sure.

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Appearing at the Heavensake 'A Better High' awareness performance at Paris Fashion Week, the '212' singer and Twitter provocateur wore what from the front looked like a pair of standard-issue denim shorts, then turned around to reveal it was actually a thong. Either that or she'd survived some sort of lion attack on the way there.

Paris Fashion Week has proved to be something of a boon for fans of celebrity nudity this year: in addition to Minaj, Bella Hadid caused a stir in see-through top at an earlier event.