Emily Ratajkowski Is Out To Prove She Really Doesn't Like Clothes

Not totally suitable for work

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It's Em Rat's second naked moment of the week, and it's only Thursday.

A few days ago, the model and actress was caught filming nude scenes for her forthcoming film with Aaron Paul, Welcome Home.

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And now today in something a little more high definition and certainly closer up, her friend Lara Pia Arrobio posted a throwback image of the 25 year old, totally nude and seemingly greeting the world in her birthday suit.


A post shared by Lara Pia Arrobio (@piaarrobio) on

Her friend, a creative director, shared the image yesterday with the caption, #ppandemeatpasta2015 which after careful decoding we can conclude means 'PP and Em Eat Pasta 2015', possible the title for an 18 certificate film we wouldn't mind seeing, for the carbs, obvs.