Bella Hadid Is Making A Mockery Of The Venice Police Force's Uniform Code

Has she no respect?

Considering social media celebrities use Instagram to announce their biggest career moves, we can only assume that Bella Hadid has abandoned the Victoria's Secret catwalk to pursue a crime-crushing beat on the thin blue line.

It is the only possible explanation for these pictures shared on her account today. We refuse to entertain any other option.

Mrs. Officer

A post shared by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

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To be fair, Venice is the most fitting force for her to join – she'll still be able to post endless photos of herself sailing down shimmering European waters (always, somehow, at the exact moment you hear the sound of rain plodding heavy against your office window).

We did a little detective work ourselves, but Bella's given no reason for her Venice trip (although she doesn't really need to, because her life is one, long Kuoni travel advert.)

We would say she's probably working undercover, but that's evidently not true (Zing! (sorry, sorry we're trying to delete it sorry)).