Bella Hadid Has Surely Used Up All Of Her Holiday Allowance By Now

Another day, another yacht

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Imagine being Bella Hadid's line manager and having to deal with the number of annual leave requests the 20-year-old supermodel would put through.

"Hi Nigel, just wondering if I could take off next Friday as well as the whole of August and the following weekend? Got another boat trip coming up."

Ok, she probably doesn't have to deal with anything as drudgingly boring as booking time off, but if she did she'd probably have used up her allowance by mid-February - even with the recent revelation that she stock-piles pics to spread them out, shock horror.

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The Dior ambassador uploaded a snap to her Instagram yesterday night showing her showering on what looks very much like a yacht in some expensive looking lingerie. For god's sake Bella they're dry clean only!

Paradise Happy BB🌺🕊

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The model has been jetting around Europe with her BFF Kendall, creating their own brand of water-sports: 'extreme yachting'.

She also shared some images of her 'post swim' wearing some ripped jeans and a tie-up top. An outfit that will wreak havoc on her tan-lines no doubt. For shame, Bella. For shame.


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