Megan Fox Has Just Mastered The Lingerie Selfie And, Consequently, The Internet

She's promoting her own brand on Instagram

The moment you locked eyes on that shakshuka being carried across the cafe, you knew it was Instagram gold.

Before it even landed on your table, you'd darted to the 02 shop next door to upgrade your iPhone. An 5S camera would be an insult to this guaranteed 36-liker.

You suspend your pricey brick over the now-tepid skillet, and spend seven stressful minutes choosing your filter and caption. Mayfair. "#Sundays :)". Boom. You wait, too excited to even eat a bite.

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Meanwhile, Transformers actress Megan Fox is on 227,000 and counting for this simple lingerie selfie.

So what lesson can be learned from all of this? It's quite simple: never try.