Meet The Instagram Lingerie Model Rumoured To Be Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend

The Australian also designs her own swimwear range

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It's been a busy week for Justin Bieber, who has been banned from China and subsequently cancelled the last leg of his Purpose tour to start his own church. All that and it's only Tuesday.

One thing that might explain his flurry of bizarre activities is that JB may be in the throes of love, as he's reportedly dating Australian model and swimwear designer Sahara Ray.

LIttle hurricane🐬

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The pair recently travelled to Hawaii together where they arrived via helipad, skinny dipped and floated around waterfalls in inflatable flamingoes. Classic Zante '08 stuff.

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The 24-year-old topped those snaps today by posting what appears to be a picture of her sans underwear and hanging out in the jungle.

It's a recurring theme on her account, where she likes to go à la Bella Hadid and free the nipple, all amended to meet Instagram's stringent nipple policy with drawings and stickers. Genius.


A post shared by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

Let's hope Bieber doesn't totally pack in his music career, or the Beliebers might have a new nickname for her: Yoko.

Happy when it rains 🦋

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