Bella Hadid's Latest Topless Instagram Is A Work Of Pop Art

A critically-acclaimed work

If Instagram accounts are the art galleries of the modern age (they aren't), then Bella Hadid's rivals The Louvre for sheer popularity.

But up until now, her #yachtlife snaps have failed to match up to the Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Delacroix pieces that line the glass pyramid's walls.

Until now.

Taking cues from Richard Hamilton and a host of other pop art pioneers of the fifties, the Victoria's Secret Angel uploaded this topless snap to Instagram today, sans caption (art doesn't need to be explained, idiot.)

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It's not the first time Bella's decided to go for a more creative approach to vanity, however...

Right on time!

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Someone chuck Mona Lisa in the recycling – there's some framing to be done.