Kendall Jenner Is Very Moody And Very Naked In New Photoshoot

Shot by Sasha Samsonova

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It's been a tricky year for Kendall Jenner, you know? She tried to dip her toe into the murky waters of corporate 'slacktivisim' and it... backfired spectacularly. Then there was the whole Biggie and Tupac copyright infringement... that wasn't too great, either.

But let's forget about all of that and instead focus on this new photoshoot, which features a stripped-back, black and white aesthetic with Kendall posing artfully in someone's back garden.

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It was shot by 25-year-old Ukrainian Sasha Samsonova, and we'll think you'll agree that she's done a great job.

Take a look at the photos below.

Sasha Samsonova