Kylie Jenner Somehow Managed To Get Fully Dressed And Completely Naked At The Same Time

Sorcery, plain and simple

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We're in the midst of a minor heat wave, and you'd probably like nothing more than to whip off your t-shirt and strut proudly about town – because why waste those seven push-ups you did back in April?

Problem is, local business owners do not want you to do that. Ditto your employer and the general public. Society truly does not want to see your nipples, and you need to find a solution – quick.

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Step forward Kylie Jenner, who's managed to get dressed and naked at exactly the same time for photographer Nick Knight in V Magazine.

Wetherspoons can consult their 'dress code' all they want, but they won't have a leg to stand on. Well played Kylie. Well played.

Check out the pictures below:

The beautiful @kyliejenner . This picture was shot for @showstudio and @vmagazine . It was styled by the wonderful @annatrevelyan . Thank you enormously to @brittlloyd1 for filming . @lisaeldridgemakeup for make up , @martincullen65 for hair and @adamslee_ fir nails . Thank @brittlloyd1 and @robrusling123 for assisting . And to @showstudio for making this project happen . I would just like to say something to all the people who have expressed their dislike that I have photographed Kylie. I photograph who I am interested in and that could be a girl I see at a bus stop or a coal miner, a prostitute, a president, a junkie or the queen of England. I treat everyone with exactly the same respect. In my opinion all people, no matter what class, creed, wealth or background they all deserve my respect. In truth I liked Kylie a lot, she was beautiful and friendly, enthusiastic and hard working and really knew how to model . She is simply by her fame and her business sense now someone of cultural importance. Few people have nearly 100 million followers on Instagram. However as I have already said I would be just as happy and excited to photograph someone who has no followers and is totally unknown . People are people what ever their colour, wealth or religion. Every single person on the planet is interesting and has beauty in them, if you care to see it and if you are interested in them and take the time to look. Finally as a rather personal anecdote, my father throughout all his life would never buy a copy of the Times newspaper, when I asked him why, he said that when Marilyn Monroe came to England in the 1950's the Times refused to cover it deciding she was not worthy of their cultural interest. Their snobbery disgusted him. I would suggest that their are parallels here. I can hear you all already thinking that there are huge differences between the two women, however times have changed and we live in a very different world with different ways of conveying fame, sexuality and power. I would just urge you to respect people wether they are rich or poor, famous or unknown. So please respect my choices of who and what I choose to photograph. Thank you. Nick

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