Bella Hadid Went Outside. Forgot Her Clothes. Remembered Lingerie And Pizza

Easy mistake to make

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In many ways, you and Bella Hadid are not alike.

Example: if you spent a rainy September afternoon walking down the high street, single slice of pizza in hand, wearing only your underpants and an American Psycho raincoat, that would have a detrimental effect on your reputation. A community policeman would probably get involved at some point. It would end badly for you.

No such worry for Bella Hadid. The Victoria's Secret Model pulled off the above stunt in New York on Instagram yesterday, all in the name of high-fashion, and the worst she could hope for is a $62 million #ad deal with Ristorante Pizzas.

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She shared the video to her 14.7 million followers, and in fairness to it was probably for a shoot. The model has been keeping busy at New York Fashion Week shows, walking for Alexander Wang, Jason Wu and Brandon Maxwell.

Enjoy the pizza, Bella. You deserve it.