Why Anna Kendrick Nails It In The Fantasy Girlfriend Stakes

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1| She Likes Drinking

Well, she does in the new film Drinking Buddies which is a kind of hipster take on date swapping. And she got drunk on set, albeit because they spiked what she thought was fake beer.

2 | She’s Not Afraid Of A No Make Up Morning

Anyone else and the ‘look-at-me-I’m-just-like-civilians’ shtick wouldn't wash. On Kendrick, it’s a look that says I’m confident enough to let you see me at my three-countries-in-a-day worst. On anyone else, that could sound like a humble brag but…this girl makes us forgive anything.

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3 | She’s Not Annoying

A celebrity twitter that’s smart and funny and a bit obsessed with sad looking puppy dogs? The only way @annakendrick47 could grate is if she became our actual girlfriend and we started tweeting each other heart-shaped emoticons.

4 | Her Girlfriends: Also Not Annoying, Actually Pretty Funny

She's best pals with Aubrey Plaza, who plays the grouchy teen intern in Parks & Recreation. Their tweets to each other are comedy gold. Date Kendrick, go drinking with Plaza. Fun times.

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5 | She’s Got A Party Trick

And that party trick – using a plastic cup as a percussion instrument – has inadvertently turned Kendrick into a chart topper. In 2012’s Perfect Pitch, a tweeny feature length Glee, Kendrick auditions singing the song "Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me)". Since then U.S. teens have gone YouTube crazy on cups, the net effect being a top ten hit for AK.

The other good thing? It’s a short party trick.

6 | She Can Get Onboard Your '80s Nostalgia

Does a video with Ben Folds Five. Video includes Fraggles. Video ends with rendition of Fraggle Rock. That's geek boy heaven, right there.


7 | She's Tiny

So unless you're under 4ft 11inches, you get to be the taller one in this relationship. Not that we're saying the woman should be the shorter one in this relationship, but c'mon. Nobody wants to be the guy struggling to get his arm around his giant lady friend.


8 | She Likes A Fry Up

Currently shooting Into the Woods in the UK, Anna's been absorbing British culture, which pretty much boils down to trying out the English breakfast. She likes the beans, FYI, just on the off chance you do get lucky enough to be offering her B&B.

9 | She Can Hold Her Own Against Clooney

She was great in Up in the Air. And End of Watch. Next up is Life After Beth with Aubrey Plaza, Thomas C Reilly and directed by the guy behind I Heart Huckabees.

10 | She Can Also Do Sexy

OK, so she's not Cameron Diaz. But she can do sexy in a slightly less intimidating way. Important that, in girfriend material.

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