Kimberley Garner: How To Impress Me

We talk dates, dinner and bad denim with the gorgeous model and swimwear designer

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Kimberley Garner is looking decidedly sun-kissed, which is precisely what a bikini shoot in St Barts will do to you. 

The ex-Made In Chelsea star recently turned her hand to designing swimwear, and unsurprisingly, decided to fly out and model her latest collection herself (which involved, among other things, riding a horse bareback in the sea at 5 o’clock in the morning).

Not that all her globe-trotting has changed her – the cut-glass Kensington accent is still in place, and she’s got the champagne at the ready when we meet at The Arts Club in Mayfair.

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As charming as she is beautiful, we caught up Kimberley about what she looks for in the opposite sex. Some good news: As she discovered from the six months she once spent living in Sydney, Australia may have great weather, but she still believes British guys are the best mannered in the world.


A man can definitely approach me in a bar or coffee shop. I love the idea of meeting a guy out and about – I think it's cool when a man shows courage. 

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I hate if a man says anything laddy. ‘You’re sexy’ or whatever. I just want someone to be friendly and a little bit flirty.

I think dinner beats drinks every time. You want to sit with someone and have something to talk about – the food, the place... I love Japanese cuisine but I'm not fussy – I'll eat anything. 

Someone asked me out by leaving me a note on my table recently. I thought it was very romantic. 

I do think the man should chase the girl. Not too much, but he should message or call first. And I love texts – being asked how I am in the middle of the day. 

Passion is the most important quality in a man. He needs to be passionate about life, about having fun, about meeting people. 

For me, it's very important for a man to be creative and free-spirited. I want someone who wants to go on adventures with me.

With a guy, my perfect holiday would be the beach. I’m in my element if there’s water and sea and sand.

When we're there,  a man should wear surfer shorts that aren’t too long and aren’t too short – I think Vilebrequin are the perfect brand.

My worst thing is a vain man who spends ages in front of the mirror. I can get ready and be out of the house in 10 minutes, so I want a guy who does the same.

I like men to be rugged with naturally messy hair, maybe a good shirt with a couple of buttons undone – pretty masculine. 

The worst male style mistake is bad jeans – flared or too skinny. You don’t want a man to be wearing denim that looks like it belongs to you. 

And no girl likes the deep V-neck, bulging muscles thing. It's not a good look. 

There’s a big difference between British guys and Australian guys. British guys are the most romantic – they have that James Bond-style gentlemanly etiquette going on. Aussies are very good-looking, but maybe a bit naughtier.

It’s important how a man treats his parents. Family is so important to me that I want someone who has the same thing going on. 


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