Kate Upton: What You Should Wear On The Beach

The world's most famous bikini wearer on swim shorts, hairy backs and grooming down there 

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Esquire: Hi Kate, how are you?

Kate Upton: “I’m so jet lagged! It’s such a short trip to London, you’re like ‘Do I actually want to adjust to the time?’ Probably not, so I’ve been up until four in the morning.”

ESQ: Have you been going out?

KU: “No, just sitting in bed. I try to go to sleep and end up just sitting there.”

ESQ: That’s a shame. As perhaps the world’s most famous bikini wearer, do you have any tips on guys buying bikinis for the ladies in their lives?

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KU: “Buying? Oh, I don’t think you should buy your girlfriend a bikini. I think wearing a bathing suit is about confidence and how they feel the most beautiful, so I think you could take her shopping for one. It’s all about her and how she wants to display her body.”

ESQ: So we’re on dangerous ground?

KU: “Well, I give lots of people bikinis but that’s because as a girl, giving another girl bikinis is ok. But you never know.”

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ESQ: Fair enough. Now, what are your views on men’s swimwear, and specifically short shorts?

KU: “Like swim shorts?”

ESQ: Like short shorts…

KU: “I like that trend, it’s nice, but I think it’s important you groom if you’re going to be a bit more scandalous in your swimwear options. But I think if you’re comfortable and confident in it, go for it.”

ESQ: Ok, but speedos. There’s got to be a limit…

KU: “Well, y’know, you have to respect those people though. You think they shouldn’t be wearing a Speedo but they’re so confident, and they love it. And every time I say I don’t like something, I’ll see someone in it and then I’ll like it. I’m such a girl. I change all the time.”

ESQ: So, how groomed do we need to be? Should we shave our legs?

KU: “No, I don’t think your legs…”

ESQ: So just the pubes, then?

KU: “Hahaha no, well…are they showing those? I hope not! I think it’s just however you feel confident but I think it’s important to take care of yourself.”

ESQ: Right, so there’s the regular areas – your chest, your face, but it would be weird if someone had a shaved bum, right?

KU: “Hahaha, wow. Honestly, I don’t notice those things if you come across as confident. If you’re like ‘This is my body, this is what’s happening and I love it’, I probably won’t even notice.”

ESQ: But a hairy back, we should get rid of that, right?

KU: “Again, same thing, I won’t notice. Unless it’s an insecurity of yours, in which case, shave it.”

ESQ: This is all well and good but surely this means we’re going to be spending longer in the bathroom than you…

KU: “I have looooooong legs to shave! I’m 5’10, so I don’t think you’ll be able to compete over whose spending longer in the bathroom.”

ESQ: Good point. When you’re on a beach, do you notice people actively trying not to stare?

KU: “There are some really polite people but with camera phones nowadays it’s really obnoxious. People take pictures of me without my knowledge and it’s creepy. If I took a picture of them without them knowing they would be annoyed, they just don’t know that. And everyone thinks they’re sneaky…nobody’s sneaky!”

ESQ: Do you call people out on it?

KU: All the time. Sometimes I’ll say please don’t, and even whilst I’m saying it, they’ll be taking photos.”

ESQ: So people should come up to you and ask?

KU: “Ask. It depends who I’m with. If I’m by myself I’ll probably say yes. If I’m with my friends, it’s rude, so probably not.”

ESQ: Do you get chatted up much?

KU: “I love when people come and talk to me. I love it. I find it really exciting that people are fans of mine, and don’t want anything. They don’t want a photo or to brag on Twitter.”

ESQ: When was the last time that happened?

KU: “Right now…hahaha.”

Kate Upton is an ambassador for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler, Gillette’s first 3-in-1 precision grooming tool for men. Available from Boots

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