This Guy Has Reimagined Modern Movies As Retro VHS Tapes

Imagine a world where the humble videotape still reigned supreme​

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A fortnight ago, the last remaining VHS factory closed its doors, acting as a final wheezing breath for a format that has endured for nearly 40 years.

They've long been outmoded by slicker alternatives - resigned only to lofts, charity shops and barren Blockbusters - but there's no denying that they'll leave a more cherished legacy than DVDs, if only for the incredible box covers they were kept in.

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And that's why Instagram wizard iamsteelberg decided to mock up some retro-flavoured VHS covers for modern movies and TV shows. So that we can imagine a world without disks and hard-drives, where the humble, hulking videotape still reigns supreme.

Stranger Things

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The Hateful Eight

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The Revenant


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Mad Max Fury Road

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The Martian


Star Wars: The Force Awakens