This New Short Film From The Pixar Animators Is Definitely Not For Kids

​It's pretty dark​... and sad

The beauty of Pixar films is that although they're targeted at children, there's usually something in it for larger humans too, as was the case with features like Up, Toy Story and Finding Nemo, but we've always wanted to know what an actual adult-themed animation from them would like.

Well now we, sort of, have one in the form of Borrowed Time, a passion project made over a five year period by a group of Pixar animators that manages to pack a hefty dose of sorrow and beauty into six minutes and forty-five seconds.

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The story surrounds a sheriff who returns to the scene of an accident that took place years before, and... well, we'll let the film tell you the rest.

Hopefully this is the start of a longer project. Watch the video below to discover how Borrowed Time came to be.