Behind-the-scenes with Brooklyn's Finest

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Antoine Fuqua's cop thriller, Brooklyn's Finest, was released on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday. Staring Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes and Richard Gere, the film has been billed as one for fans of hit American TV series "The Wire", and if the strapline is anything to go by "This is war. This is Brooklyn", it's not one for those with more sensitive sensibilities.

Against the advice of his production company, Fuqua was determined to shoot not in Detroit (as was originally ordained) but in Brooklyn itself - in a bid to keep the action as close to reality as possible. We've managed to get our hands on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes clip from the film, which outlines the lengths to which Fuqua went to keep Brooklyn's Finest "real".