The Top 5 Goals Of Euro 2016

The strikes that knocked our socks off

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After 50 games and 107 goals, Sunday's Euro 2016 final has been set: with slick and sharp hosts France facing Portugal - a team who have somehow scraped and stumbled their way into the final by playing like an amalgamation of 1982 Brazil and your mate Craig's work 5-a-side team. 

While many have derided the tournament for its dearth of attacking play, there have still been some stunners.

Which brings us to this: Esquire's top 5 goals scored across the green fields of France this summer.

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Payet makes it 2-1 vs Romania

France's early games were full of late, dramatic goals - the best of which was Dimitri Payet's left-footed traction engine strike against a stunned Romania. It's made even better by the fact he's built like a bus driver who drinks five pints a day.

Xherdan Shaqiri's bicycle kick against Poland

Surely the goal of the tournament in what was a dreadfully dull game. The short, square man the Swiss have dubbed 'The Power Cube' decided to say "fuck it" before proceeding to bang in an 18-yard bicycle kick screamer against Poland.

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He may have swapped Champions League nights in Munich for cold, wet nights in Stoke, but Shaqiri evidently still has the magic.

Icleand's last minute winner vs Austria

In and of itself, this goal is really nothing special - except for the Austria keeper's comical face slide attempt at a save - but the accompanying commentary by Guðmundur Benediktsson has quickly become a thing of legend. 

Iceland were the football fans' team of the tournament, thanks mostly to moments like this... well, that and their ridiculously cool chant.

Hal Robson-Kanu morphs into Johan Cryuff against Belgium

The underdogs who nearly took it all the way to the final... sort of. Wales turned Belgium inside out in the quarter-finals, with Hal Robson-Kanu - a man without a club, remember - channeling the spirit of Cryuff and sending the Belgium defense on a one way trip back to Brugge. 


Griezmann becomes the star of the tournament

Before the Euros started all the talk was of Paul Pogba, France's freakishly athletic and talented prodigy. But while the Juventus man has had a quality tournament, it's Antoine Griezmann, the man with the beguiling skill and even more beguiling celebrations who has truly stolen the show - which was summed up when he finished off Iceland with this ridiculously deft piece of  chipped craftsmanship.


And while it's not a goal, we'll always cherish this emotionally fragile Welshman going through the full spectrum of the human condition over the course of 30 seconds.

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