Watch Leakers Compare The IPhone 6S To The New IPhone 7

​Spot the difference

The iPhone 7 is gearing up to be the very dampest of damp squibs.

So far, all we know is that it's near identical to the iPhone 6, and might force you to shell out on a pricey pair of wireless headphones.

And now, in the clearest sign yet that Apple has run out of ideas, the leakers of have got hold of a video where an iPhone 6S is compared to the upcoming 7 model.

But first, a caveat: this isn't a real iPhone 7, rather a "fictitious copy" – based on Apple's behind-closed-doors hardware exhibits for Chinese accessory manufacturers, who needed early access to the model in order to create gear for it.

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But in terms of size and features, it's bound to be bang on. Have a gander below…