Man Accidentally Smashes Four Massive TVs In Three Seconds

Well that was inevitable

How hard, really, is it to look at a TV? You turn it on, step away and stand there (or sit), staring at the pretty colours.

But of course, in real life things aren't always that simple, as this clumsy Cornish shopper proved yesterday when he laid waste to the HBH Woolacotts electrical store in St Austell, Cornwall.

The unidentified consumer was perusing a table display of flat-screen televisions when the drama unfolded.

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As he fiddled with the buttons on one of the TVs, it fell forward, dominoeing into one behind it. The man leaps to his feet in shock, only to back into another pair of TVs on a table behind him.

They, too, crash violently to the floor.

All the shopper can do is watch helplessly, hands on his head, as the realisation of what he has done sinks in.

HBH Woolacotts posted CCTV footage of the apparent accident on Twitter, claiming the total bill for the damage was £5,000.

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However, the tweet sparked a slew of responses, some suggesting foul play.

"@hbhwoolacotts why would the TVs be so close together and facing each other not the front door?" tweeted Tim Wild. "Congrats to your marketing dept for the fake."

James Dundon wrote: "Your day isn't as bad as THIS. A customer at HBH Woolacotts in St Austell, causing a little 'accidental' damage!"

Others weren't so cynical, instead taking to the social networking site to express their outrage that HBH Woolacotts' flagrant disregard for child safety.

"They should have been secured better," harrumphed Another Dan. "A misbehaving child could have done the same."

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