Whoopi Goldberg Says James Corden Should Host The Oscars

"I would watch him do anything"

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Ricky Gervais has represented the UK at the Golden Globes, and now Whoopi Goldberg is backing our very own James Corden for hosting duties at next year's Oscars.

The actress and comedian - who has won an Academy Award and previously presented the ceremony four times - told The Sun: "The way that these shows work - things like the Grammys and the Oscars - they have to be done by passionate people.

"You have to be passionate about it. We know he's passionate about music, about movies, so it's fun to watch him do it. I would watch him do anything."

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The 61-year-old anglophile also revealed herself as a massive Doctor Who fan, and admitted she's desperate to work on a TV production with the BBC.

"I always hope when I come to England the BBC will say, 'Hey we want you to do something.' I would love that. You have a different quality now on television.

"The way you guys have always done shows has always been the smartest and we've finally just figured it out," Whoopi continued.

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"I like the idea of doing things the way y'all do them, you do some really fun stuff like Black Mirror or, you know, I'm still dying to do Doctor Who.

"Ab Fab women, they are spectacularly funny women so you know I have all these dreams. Maybe Channel 4 or BBC 1, 2 and 3, who knows? Maybe somebody will say, 'Hey stick around kid'."

Corden has been a huge hit in the States after his successful take over as host of The Late Late Show.

Jimmy Kimmel is presenting next month's Academy Awards, and the 2017 nominations will be announced tomorrow.