Nigel Farage Got Hilariously Trolled In Parliament By A Labour MEP

"I just felt enough is enough"

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The Labour MEP who held up a handwritten sign saying "He's lying to you" behind Nigel Farage in the European Parliament has explained that it was down to a "screw it" moment.

Seb Dance, a Labour representative, was eventually told to lower the sign, but that didn't stop the image spreading like wildfire through social media.

Talking to the Guardian, Dance reasoned: "It was frustration. I was fed up frankly with nationalist and populist messages being paraded around as if they were the solution to people's problems.

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"The really frustrating thing about the European parliament is that we cannot intervene and he was going to get three minutes of uninterrupted speaking time. I just felt enough is enough. I have got to do something pretty crude and unnuanced to point out something I think is happening."

Needless to say, Twitter enjoyed the moment very, very much:

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