Turns Out, The Queen Is On The P**s Most Days

It's her royal prerogative

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Whilst many complain that the British monarchy is an outdated institution, the Queen surprised many last week with an announcement that she was looking for someone to manage her social media. Gotta keep that Instagram reach up, right?

She'll fit right in on #ThirstyThursday, as Business Insider reports that Her Majesty is more than a little partial to a daily tipple. She enjoys a gin and Dubonnet with lemon and ice before lunch most days, her favourite gin being Gordon's which of course holds a royal warrant. She will then have a glass of wine with her lunch.

Queen Elizabeth II on the sesh, 1982
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Not only that, but she cracks on in the evening with a dry Martini and then finishes most days with a flute of Champagne. Her fizz comes from the bottle of one of eight brands including Bollinger, Lanson, and Krug, which have been all been given royal warrants too.

This tots up to 6 units a day making her a binge drinker by prescribed government standards. Shocking.

That said, she'll need more booze than that if she's going to get through Trump's incredibly awkward state visit.