Toni Kroos Makes Deeply Embarrassing Confession To His 4.5 Million Twitter Followers

This is why 'live Q&As' are dangerous

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While footballers aren't typically regarded as paragons of great cultural taste, Real Madrid's Toni Kroos has really taken the biscuit with a recent revelation.

A silky midfield metronome for both Germany and Madrid, when he's not picking apart defences with precision through balls, Toni likes to unwind with some terrible, terrible music.


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During a quick-fire Q&A on his twitter account last night, Kroos was just a little bit too candid when it came to the discussion of his favourite musicians.

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Oh dear, Toni... Oh dear, oh dear.

As expected,the majority of his fans weren't particularly tolerant when it came to Toni's objectively terrible music taste. This is Twitter after all.

Beyond this scintillating divulgence, Toni also announced that Gareth Bale was a good bloke; he likes London and that Real Madrid will win the league. All good to know.

Stop it, Toni! We can only handle so much solid gold gossip in one PR-managed Q&A session.

Cheers, Toni