Former Vice President And People's Champion Joe Biden Has Revealed His Favourite Joe Biden Meme

Of course he has a favourite meme!

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Offering some light relief during the insanity of the election campaign and beyond, the memes based around Barack Obama and Joe Biden's bromance quickly gained cult status, and now Biden himself has even picked out a favourite.

Speaking to Moneyish, the former Vice President's daughter Ashley Biden said that when he first saw the memes, he "sat there for an hour and laughed."

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But while he was a fan of plenty of the creative entries into the Biden/Obama visual canon, there was one in particular that stood out.

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The bromance wasn't just for show, though. Before Obama left office, both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden commented on their husbands' relationship in an interview with People.

"They'll go for long walks, looking into each other's eyes," Michelle joked.

Jill Biden added. "They're going to be eating ice cream together somewhere, I'm sure."

She then spoke of their "beautiful friendship," saying: "I don't think we've really seen a lot of that, especially in politics. But I think they really love one another."

Best friends forever!?

If that wasn't enough, take a look at some other favourite Barack and Joe memes.

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Somehow we can't see Trump and Pence joining the club...

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The boys <3