Alexis Sanchez Embarrasses Himself With Pathetic Dive Against Leicester

Even Arsenal fans aren't happy

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It's been an up and down season for Alexis Sanchez, as some exceptional personal performances have been tainted by some worryingly petulant behavior, leaving Arsenal fans confused about their relationship and wishing it could go back to being like it was at the start.

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His excruciating dive during last night's narrow 1-0 victory over Leicester however, was a definite low that might just have been the moment they fell out of love with him for good.

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As the game was in extra time, the Gunners in the lead thanks to a Rob Huth own-goal, Christian Fuchs attempted a long throw that hit Wenger's star forward square and true …in the shoulder.

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The 28-year-old man's reaction? To wait what felt like a full five minutes before clutching his face and falling to the ground, in the 'just-been-taken-out-by-a-sniper-rifle-in-the-stands' manner beloved of certain professional footballers.

Sanchez later posted on social media showing the world he did, in fact, incur the tiniest of cuts to his lip, suggesting the ball might have ricocheted off his shoulder into his mouth – that, or he has a coleslaw.

But the reaction from fans was fairly unanimous, as it was from the ref who award him a yellow card for embarrassing himself.

That move to Chelsea / Bayern / PSG really can't come quick enough can it, Alexis.

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