Hector Bellerín Had The Perfect (And Only Available) Response To A Gloating Spurs Fan

What else can you do?

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Having spent the past 22 years waiting for this very moment, you can forgive Spurs fans for wanting to relish finally finishing above Arsenal in the Premier League table; a seismic shift made even sweeter by the fact that Arsenal also failed to qualify for next season's Champions League (some big Thursday nights ahead, boys).

Minding his own business on the drive back from the Emirates, Arsenal defender Hector Bellerín had the good grace to stop for an impromptu selfie with - what appeared to be - a fan who appreciates the fine art of bad haircuts and questionable defensive positioning.

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Only it turned out he wasn't a fan at all!

What a madman...

While the Europa League-bound right back tried his best to style out the middle finger response (solid thumb positioning), he saved his best comeback for the keyboard.