Cristiano Ronaldo Is Sunning It Up On A Superyacht, But Is He Really Happy? (Yes, Almost Definitely)

The Real Madrid stalwart is leaving his club dilemma behind

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Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of thinking to do.

After 8 years of furiously star-jumping around the Bernabéu, rumours abound that Real Madrid's prolific talisman is finally considering a future away from Spain.

Renowned as one of the most driven and dedicated sportsmen of all-time, a recent tax dispute with the authorities seems to have turned the 32-year-old Portuguese's attention off-field to more important things.

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Not only does he have a baby on the way with model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, but he also has a flourishing blanket business on the go...

A stick-on six pack invention to sling...


And this inexplicable situation to take care of...


So to mull his future over, Ronaldo whisked his family away to Ibiza on a superyacht.

Where he proceeded to look into the distance, thinking about his future, all pensive like...

A lot more glamorous than your frequent existential toilet breaks, we're sure you'll agree...

But we've all seen the Only Fools and Horses episode. Does all this: the money, the fame, the yachts and the supermodel girlfriends, really make Cristiano Ronaldo happy?

Almost certainly yes.