Alexis Sanchez Could Be Heading To Manchester City In A Ridiculous Swap Deal

Arsenal fans, look away now

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Poor Arsenal. Just when you thought their week/season/rudderless-recent-history was at it lowest ebb, Manchester City and their Big Bad Oil Billions arrive to make things even worse.

Coming off the back of a 4-0 demolition at the hands, feet and heads of Liverpool, it now looks like Alexis Sanchez, arguably the team's one superstar player, could be making a move north in a swap deal that would see Raheem Sterling join from Manchester City in a cash plus player deal.

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First reported by The Mirror, City are aiming to reunite Sanchez with his old Barcelona boss, Pep Guardiola before this Thursday's transfer deadline, and are willing to include 22-year-old winger Sterling in the hopes of sweetening the deal.

Arsenal have so-far refused to allow Sanchez to leave the club, despite the Chile international only having a year left on his contract, but a bid £70 million or more could prove tempting for a player who is likely to leave for free next summer.

At least they still have the young-up-and-comer Theo Walcott to fill his boots if/when Sanchez leaves.

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