George Clooney On The Next Stage Of His Acting Career: 'I Could Kiss A Guy'

"Nobody wants to see me kiss the girl anymore."

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George Clooney thinks that his days of romancing female love interests on-screen could be numbered, saying: "I'm not a leading man anymore. Nobody wants to see me kiss the girl."

The 56-year-old actor recently told The Hollywood Reporter: "As you get older, the parts aren't as interesting."

The Suburbicon director then laughingly told the IMDb Studio at the Toronto Film Festival: "I could kiss the guy. Well, that's my next phase, you know. You understand that...

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"Christopher Plummer did it at like 80, I think. I have lots of room to grow here."

Plummer won an Oscar for his supporting role in 2012's Beginners, in which he plays a man who comes out as gay in his 70s.

Noting how iconic Hollywood legends Paul Newman and Gregory Peck evolved from leading men to critically-acclaimed character actors, Clooney continued: "They became character actors more, and I understand that.

"It's much better than trying to hold onto something and put a softer lens on every five minutes."

But he reassured viewers: "There's still tons of kissing."

Meanwhile, Clooney has been busy promoting his dark Coen brothers comedy Suburbicon - a satirical send-up of 1950s suburbia in America, which follows Matt Damon's conservative suburban dad taking on mobsters and hit men after his wife is murdered.

The star also recently admitted he had to cut Deadpool 2 star Josh Brolin from the movie after his scenes just didn't work out.

"We shot a couple of scenes with Josh [playing] a baseball coach that are really really funny," Clooney told EW.

"But after we did our first screening, the one thing that became really clear to me was that [the scenes] let the air out of the balloon, in terms of the tension in the film. I had to write him this awful note where I just said, 'You're not going to believe it, but these scenes really don't work any more.'

"He was so great in the film. I never like talking about those kind of things because it can be really unfair to an actor, except to say he was just absolutely great in the movie."