Claude Makelele's Agent Has A Brilliantly Scummy Story About Forcing His Transfer To Real Madrid

Now why do agents have a bad reputation?

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The grease-slicked puppeteers of modern football, agents are not usually renowned for their rectitude or honesty, but this story about Claude Makelele's former advisor is something else... even for agents.

In a new autobiography by Marc Roger, a French super agent who represented the likes of Makelele, Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera and and Laurent Blanc, he reveals the dark arts employed to force Makelele's move form Celta Vigo to Real Madrid in 2000.

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"To force Celta's hand we presented a complaint to the police stating that fans had attacked the player's car," Roger said. "But I threw the stones at his car windows, with Makelele's consent of course."

Errr, Marc. You probably shouldn't have told the world that one, pal.

From Real, Makelele moved to Chelsea were he was instrumental in defining Jose Mourinho's early brand of airtight defensive football. It is unknown whether any stones were used in the transfer process.

On top of the surreal tactics that led to Makelele's Real move, as reported by AS, Roger also revealed a slightly more amorous (or seedy) tale that supposedly took place in the Hotel Palace in Turin the night before the 1996 Champions League semi-final between Juventus and Nantes. "A beautiful brunette was coming and going in the lift," Roger writes.

After asking a waiter what she was doing in the hotel, Roger was told that she had been paid to offer some "relaxation" to the match officials who were staying at the hotel.

Actually, tell us some more stories, Marc. These are gold.