Dimitar Berbatov Has Made His Choice Between Ronaldo And Messi

"He's the f***ing greatest"

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As one of the more majestic players to grace the pitch at Old Trafford himself, it's not surprising that Dimitar "Keep Calm And Pass Me The Ball" Berbatov has something to say about Ronaldo.

The Manchester United footballer, who now plays for the Kerala Blasters in India, spoken about his team mate in an interview with ESPN, as well as that other semi-decent footballer, Leo Messi.

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"Young players try and imitate the best players like Ronaldo," he said. "They try to imitate the hair, the clothes, the cars, the tricks. I try to tell them how hard Cristiano Ronaldo trained in training and after training. He only wanted to be the best. Everything else came after.

"Players shouldn't try and imitate s***, they should concentrate on themselves and being professional. Ronaldo was fine in our dressing room. He could take a joke and Patrice Evra was doing jokes, but he was serious when he played. I was shy, quiet and used to watch all of this."

Moving on to speak about Barca's golden boy he said, "He's the f***ing greatest. Ronaldo is brilliant, Messi more my kind of player. He sees the game so clearly. He can score, create, he's the complete player, the best ever probably."

He added, "If you ask someone older than me they will say Pele, Maradona or Puskas or Di Stefano. But for my generation it's Messi or Ronaldo. They're pretty much even, but something with Messi makes me shout 'Messi! Messi!' when I watch Barcelona on television."