Arsene Wenger Warns Alexis Sanchez That He Has A "Social Contract" With Arsenal

You hear that, Alexis? A SOCIAL CONTRACT

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With Arsenal set to face the rapid-fire attacking might of Manchester City this weekend, Arsene Wenger will have to put on his big zippy tactics puffer if he wants to quell the threat of Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Leroy Sane and... you get the picture.

But it looks like he might face another, more unusual, threat from inside his own camp.

Alexis Sanchez.

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The Chilean, subject to a slow and frustrating start to his 2017/18 season after missing out on a desired move to City in the summer, will be the man in focus come Saturday, as Pep Guardiola and his Abu Dhabi sugar daddies are expected to bid for him again in January, or get him on a free next summer.

Despite the potential conflict of interest that comes with facing the club you actually want to play for, Wenger still expects his star man to put a shift in, Etihad-bound or not.

Asked in a recent press conference wether Sanchez is an attitude concern, Wenger said: "No, I am not concerned because I am not suspicious of the performances or the desire to win of a football player."

"When you are a football player, you have a social contract with the rest of the team and I never question that. Once you don't respect that, it's difficult to say that you play football."

Asked about Sanchez's recent troubles in front of goal, Wenger added: "You can never try too hard. At the moment he's marked well, [opponents] double up on him, but he still creates many dangerous situations. And the goal? He just has not to worry too much."

"I know you always say that to strikers and they still worry, but over a longer period he has always scored and that will come back."

And then he'll go to City and the cycle will continue. Time is a flat circle, the world could burn to the ground and Arsenal would still be... Arsenal.

Anyway, here's a video of Sanchez scoring a screamer for Barcelona a few years ago. It's nice to remember sometimes.