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There's a reason she's a national treasure.

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Beyoncé, Madonna, Brucie — ditching one’s surname indicates a level of pop-culture supremacy achieved by  only a select few (Daphne and Celeste absolutely don’t count).

Perhaps foremost among the last name-free is Kylie, pop’s eternally youthful Aussie sprite, who hasn’t needed “Minogue” for years.

Since capturing our hearts in Neighbours as dungaree-clad mechanic Charlene Robinson back in (Christ!) 1986, the diminutive Ms Minogue launched into a pop career and has effortlessly reinvented herself on multiple occasions; from I Should Be So Lucky girl next door in 1988 to Spinning Around-era disco siren in 2000 (via a let-us-never-speak-of-this-again cameo in 1994’s Street Fighter film).

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Now, in a new glossy hardback, Kylie turns muse. Kylie/Fashion has a foreword by Jean Paul Gaultier, but what you really care about, quite rightly, are the pictures.

Crammed with high fashion images shot by elite photographers that also just happen to depict Kylie looking smoking hot (see above for spectacular proof). Kylie/Fashion is a celebration of an international treasure, a woman loved for both her body of work and working her body.

Kylie/Fashion (Thames & Hudson) is out on 19 November