The Stone Roses

Unseen Photos

Hot on the heels of the Roses reunion comes a book of exclusive photos.

Over 250 previously unseen images of The Stone Roses in their heyday are on show in a new limited-edition book by  music photographer Dennis Morris.

This is The One includes live photos from Spike Island and Glasgow Green as well as behind the scenes shots of the then fresh-faced band off duty.

Having been introduced to the band at a rehearsal in Manchester back 1985, Morris didn’t photograph The Stone Roses for a long period after they met:

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‘If I’m really into a band, I like to watch them as a fan first, to try and see how they click. To watch them on stage and see what they’re about.’

Limited to an edition of 1000 books, you'll need to part with a cool £295 for this collector's item that will surely trump your other coffee table offerings.

‘I’ve returned to these pictures of the band many times over the years, and when I’ve done so they take me right back to the time," says Morris. "I still listen to their debut album now and it doesn’t sound dated. In a similar way, these images, though very much of their era, haven’t aged at all. Which reflects how timeless the Stone Roses were.’


An exhibition of images featured in the book will also be on display from 11 July until 19 July 2012 at Londonewcastle, 28 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

© Dennis Morris

© Dennis Morris

© Dennis Morris

© Dennis Morris

© Dennis Morris