'Battles Of The Bastards' Is Now The Highest Rated TV Episode Of All Time

Jon Snow has fought his way to the top of the IMDb charts. Spoilers ahead

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In perhaps a sign of gratitude that Game Of Thrones finally let the good guys win for a change, season six's penultimate episode 'Battle of the Bastards' has been made the highest rated episode of television of all time – thanks to fans voting on IMDb.

The website – generally accepted as an online benchmark for anything onscreen – registered a deluge of '10' votes that catapulted Jon Snow's hard-fought victory over Ramsay Bolton in the fantasy series above 'Ozymandias', the legendary episode of Breaking Bad in which Walter White's world finally falls apart.

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'Battle of the Bastards' - which at the time of writing has picked up almost 83,000 votes to 76,000 for 'Ozymandias' (which is three years old) -  featured a stunning battle sequence masterminded by director Miguel Sapochnik that saw Kit Harrington deliver what will surely be an award-winning performance as man locked in the heat of battle, at turns hot with bloodlust and traumatised by the violence around him.

As well as the show's most epic and realistic depiction of the horrors of warfare yet, it also gave viewers what Game of Thrones has denied them so many times before: the sight of a hero winning (rather than losing his head) and the bad guy meeting a grisly end – in this case at the jaws of a set of ravenous dogs.