Watch A Friendship Get Mercilessly Torn Apart By A Stupid Answer On Pointless

Oh Sarah

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The merciful thing about Who Want's To Be a Millionaire's 'Phone a Friend' option was that, if you knew your idiot mate was chatting complete nonsense, you could ultimately ignore them and take a stab at the question yourself.

Not so with Pointless, where you just have to stand idly by and watch on as your teammate ruins your chances in one nationally televised moment of miserable impotence.

You can understand, therefore, the friendship-crushing death stare produced by Pointless contestant Mariam yesterday, when her buddy Sarah – self-professed possessor of a Geography A-Level - was asked to name a country that ends with two consonants, and replied with "Paris".

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You could see that Mariam was expecting it long before Sarah produced the answer.

"Don't you fucking dare Sarah I swear to God"

But it did nothing to deter the answer, and as Alexander Armstrong attempted to rescue her from embarrassment, the nation witnessed a life-long bond severed in an instant.