Michael Phelps Took On A Shark In A Swimming Race (Kind Of)

What? No Olympic swimmer being eaten?

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To celebrate Shark Week, Michael Phelps - a man whose neck strains from the weight of many Olympic medals - decided to take on a shark.

If you don't know what shark week is, the clue is in the title. Though based on what we saw last night when the segment aired on the Discovery Channel, it should be renamed FAKE SHARK WEEK.

Phelps was matched up against a hammerhead and reef shark and then had to confront the great white shark in a 100m race.

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Yuge. Who doesn't want to see an American treasure be potentially gnawed to pieces?

Sadly people were bitterly disappointed when they tuned in and discovered that Phelps would in fact be racing a simulation of a shark. Which, btw Discovery Channel, is not the same thing.

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Luckily justice was served and Phelps lost to the Shark by two seconds

Better luck next time m8