David Beckham's Instagram Story Was Full Of 'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers And Fans Are Raging

"Like he spoiled the World Cup in 1998"

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Thanks to the cruel scheduling of Game Of Thrones, Monday morning is a careful dance of avoiding spoilers from those who are able to stay up until 2am and want to ruin the Seven Kingdoms for innocent ears.

Even if you do make it through Monday unscathed, should you be unable to watch the latest episode at 9pm that night, David Beckham is here to make sure it is ruined for you.

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Becks uploaded several key moments from the latest episode, 'The Queen's Justice', served straight into the Gram accounts of unwitting followers who hadn't yet caught up with the latest antics in Westeros.

Nice commentary, Dave
Jesus mate
Someone break it to him
True tragedy in that change of font colour

As you'd expect when someone tramples over something you love, people weren't too happy.

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