Game Of Thrones Mash-Up Shows Hardhome and Dunkirk Have More In Common Than You Think

To the boats!

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They're both about war and an evacuation by boat and the desperate escape from an encroaching horde, not to mention filmed through similarly colour-drained lenses to convey the darkness of battle. So why not make a mash up of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and Game of Thrones' battle for Hardhome?

Someone's done that, and it rather works.

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The spoof fan trailer, uploaded to YouTube by Dragonmcmx, opens with the ominous orchestral boom of Hans Zimmer's original Dunkirk score before various shots of Jon Snow arriving by boat at Hardhome to rescue thousands of Wildlings from an approaching army of White Walkers.

Then, to the ticking clock of the Dunkirk trailer soundtrack, flash the words: "When 100,000 men couldn't get South."

Cue two minutes and forty four seconds of taut buildup and ferocious battle as White Walkers storm the village do battle with Jon Snow and the Night's Watch. Snow says things like, "Men, women and children will die in their thousands if we do nothing," and later, "We're leaving too many behind."

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, of course, is about the sea rescue of nearly 340,000 stranded allied troops from the beaches of northern France after they became surrounded by a Nazi horde in 1940 during the Second World War.

Probably best not to overdo the parallels between the evacuation of Dunkirk and that of Hardhome, but it makes for some tense and, in places, quite bone-chilling viewing.

To the boats!