'Game Of Thrones' Gift Ideas

From limited edition books to location tours in Iceland

Rule the Seven Kingdoms and the heart of your loved one with these Game of Thrones gifts

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King's Landing artwork

These stylish prints by Ciaran Monaghan give Westeros a modern update which blends into your wall rather than screaming fantasy geek at anyone who visits. Other locations including Winterfell and and The Wall are available.


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Game Of Thrones Vinyl Soundtrack

Luckily containing more than just 'The Rains of Castamere', this three vinyl limited edition box set boasts all of the original music composed by Ramin Djawadi for season six.


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Ireland location tours

Visiting the actual filming locations is a bucket list dream for hardcore Thrones fans and these tours of Ireland offer the chance to see the remote and beautiful beaches, forests and caves shown in the series.


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'Beyond the Wall' tour of Iceland

If you're after something a bit further North of Winterfell, this tour company offers a full package trip to Iceland including sites of the battles between the Night's Watch and white walkers and that fateful cave where Jon Snow lay with Ygritte. If that feels steep there's another tour which offers coach ride other land sites used in the series.

From £667

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A Song Of Ice And Fire Collectors Edition

Whether you've never picked up the books and need a fix before next season or have bent the page back of all your current copies, these beautiful cloth bound collectors editions are a perfect gift.


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Hodor door stop

This needs no introduction.


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HBO's Game Of Thrones: The Collector's Edition

Containing a 192 page hardback of behind the scenes storyboards from the HBO show and two scrolled maps printed on archival paper. Time to embrace your inner geek.


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Westeros Transit System poster

If you can't quite bring yourself to stick a full map of Westeros on your wall, try this wry transit system diagram which makes getting around the Seven Kingdoms look much easier than Arya did.