An Island Of Unusually Old People Explain The Secret To A Long Life - And You're Going To Like It

Your doctor should be prescribing some Marvin Gaye

Went for a jog last night, did you? Eating loads of nutrients, are you? Finally taking some responsibility for your future wellbeing, is it? Well you're a mug, because according to experts, there's a much more enjoyable way to extend your lifespan.

Researchers studying the population of an island with above-average life expectancy believe that having more sex could help you live much longer.

Scientists from Rome's Sapienza University and the San Diego School of Medicine talked to elderly people inhabiting the island of Acciaroli in Italy, and found that more than one in 10 locals lives past 100 years old.

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81 of the village's 700 residents had joined the centenarian club, with an unlikely even split between men and women. During the scientists six months of research, they found one common factor:

"Sexual activity among the elderly appears to be rampant," said Alan Maisel, a San Diego cardiologist. "Maybe living long has something to do with that. It's probably the good air and the joie de vivre," he said.

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Away from the bedroom (presumably), they also found that the island's Mediterranean diet, centred around fresh fruit, veg, fish and olive oil, also proved important to their lasting years.

"They eat rosemary almost every day, and they grow it – maybe this does something that helps. We know that rosemary improves brain function."

"They are also all physically active. Whether it is fishing, walking or gardening, everyone does something every day," Maisel said.

So learn from your elders, even if they do get a bit TMI sometimes.

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